What I Can Offer You

I offer individuals, couples and groups help to make more of their lives. I provide confidential support to assist clients to live the life they choose.

Based in Dumfries, providing a confidential service supporting you to achieve your goals. I offer life coaching, counselling, hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Technique and Reverse therapy.

I tailor the service I provide to each client’s needs – sessions are usually about 90 minutes long and can be spaced as required by the client. All sessions are highly confidential and unhurried as I allow long spaces between sessions to protect anonymity. I often send detailed notes to clients to support their ongoing development.

With Help you can:-

Control your level of stress

Overcome depression and anxiety

Improve health and wellbeing

Build confidence

Recover from Trauma

Manage eating distress

Overcome phobia

Manage relationships

Cope with bereavement 

Set and achieve goals

Overcome OCD

Counselling and Psychotherapy

Life and Performance Coaching    


Stress Management

Confidence Building

Reverse Therapy

Training in NLP and a range of skills


Reverse Therapy

Reverse Therapy® is based on research by Dr John Eaton from 1996 to the present day into Body mind intelligence and symptom-focused therapy. It is...

About Me

Through NLP I have overcome many difficult challenges in my own life. My journey with this began when I was challenged by life threatening illness...



Neuro-Linguistic Programming, or NLP, is about how we use language and develop patterns of behaviour. Underlying these patterns of...