Setting Outcomes for 2018

As we settle into that belt loosening time zone it is easy to start to think about the resolutions we may set.  It is good to make a fresh start.  We can do that any moment in our lives. New years resolutions often do not work out as we hoped because we do not take time to set them correctly.

If I ask you not to think of a pink elephant of course a pink elephant is exactly what you do think of. Think about what you want in positive terms.  For example “I will give up alcohol” can be “I will enjoy the healthy feeling of sobriety”.  “I will lose weight” can  be “I will eat a healthy diet eating fresh and healthy food”.

If you write the answers to these questions they willI help you to achieve the outcomes that you want. You can set outcoems for all areas of your life.

What do you want? State this as a positive statement: remember the unconscious mind does not do negatives. If you achieve this goal what will it do for you? Check it will make life better in a significant way. 

What is the evidence that will let you know that you have achieved your outcome?  What will you be seeing, feeling and hearing?Is it realistic? When can you realistically acheive it? Can you make a start? Can you maintain the momentum?

What do you get out of your present behaviour that you would wish to preserve? Take a long time with this. To succeed requires that you find a way to meet the needs that your present behaviour meets.

Is the change worth the cost to you?  Is the outcome in keeping with your sense of self? 

You can begin to day dream about how life will be when you achieve your outcome.  Put yourself in that imagined picture looking through your own eyes. As you come back to the present notice all the changes that need to happen to achieve what you want.