What Kind of therapy is best

A huge amount of discussion goes into this subject but in actual fact two therapists approaching the same kind of therapy will do so very differently.  I think the best answer is given by Ian Gilchrist the author of "The master and his Emissary" which is a book about the divided brain. When interviewed for Psychotherapist Magazine. (The Psychotherapist Issue 65 Spring 2017, page 8)

"Number one, it is a relationship, it's not about a thing.  Therapy is not a thing that you do to somebody: it is something that goes on between the psychotherapist and the patient to which both contribute.  The spark of life between them.  It therefore does not have a universal direction. or application or measurability at all"

I find that I draw from all of the therapies that I have learned about and my a goal is to work with my clients in the way that is best for them with the resources that they have right now. ` Of course this changes and as we are all human beings we are never perfect in everything that we do.  So I get it wrong sometimes. 

Of course there are standard tools that can be used and techniques that can be taught to add resources to the process but they are far from the whole story. So in short I guess in answer to the question,  Which kind of therapy is best? I would have to say whatever works for you best at the time and with a therapist that you can relate to.