If I could change one thing in the world it would be the idea of failure

When we are babies we have no sense of failure.  When we learn to walk and fall over we may cry but we do not see ourselves as failed walkers.  We unconsciously adapt over time to learn what works.  Falling over is just feedback. It helps us to learn.

In learning it is by understanding our mistakes that learning deepens.  Yes of course it can be frustrating to make mistakes but if we express that frustration, then take a step back and think about the learning, we can tackle the task with restored vigour. One of the main principles of NLP is that there is no failure only feedback.

We live in a society where mistakes are not easily forgiven and yet look at the folk who do well at what they do they have learned to adapt and change and try again.

Lets start with ourselves.  When we get things wrong how about instead of beating ourselves up, making excuses or saying "it wisnae me!" we say:- I see now what did not work, I will do that differently next time.

Using technology is a hard thing for me.  I grew up in a world before computers. I am not a failed user of technology but I make a lot of mistakes and I am still learning.