Do you get bitten by the "should" monster ?

Do you find yourself doing things because there is a wee voice inside your head telling you that you should?  In NLP terms this a kind of linguistic generalisation that we call a "Modal Operator of Necessity".  That just means that we habitually put ourselves under pressure to behave in certain ways - usually to avoid some kind of consequence.

For example you might say, I "should" exercise more.  Now this is not a bad thing but it does not feel very inviting. It is what we call an "away from" statement. 

In the case of exercise there can be many possible reasons why you might want to do it.  Exercising might make you energised; it could take you outdoors; it will probably release endorphins in the body that make you feel good; it could help you to maintain wellbeing and fitness... I am sure that you can think of many reasons why you would want to exercise.

Next time the should monster bites you, perhaps you can stop and ask yourself "who says I should?  Do I really want to? What would it be like if I did? What would it be like if I did not?"

If you do something because you want to and you can see a positive reason for doing it then it becomes a possibility and not a necessity.